The Option to Sell


Hello! First blog post ever!

My name is Ken, I am an amateur investor sharing my thoughts on how I manage my ESPP, and other company’s stocks I would like to diversify into. (And no one can stop me if I want to write about my interest in entomology and science also.)

To the primary and original purpose of this blog;

Many large companies have Employee Stock Purchase Plans, or ESPPs, for their employees. These plans allow a qualifying employee to purchase stock at a discount. In my case, my employer is a Fortune 500 company that provides us with a 10% discount with a maximum allowable yearly investment of $25,000. That $25,000 number can be scary! But don’t worry, we will talk about a reasonable way to reach that goal. Now the part that sounds complicated; Selling call options on your stock that you own in order to sell it, then buy again.

I will get into some nitty gritty tips and tricks and I am also compiling a list of companies that provide ESPPs to their employees.

  1. Accumulate 100 shares
  2. Sell call options
  3. Wait for sale
  4. Buy shares again

And there you go! This will be fun! I look forward to hearing from readers and answering questions!

Also, if anyone else is doing this already and/or would like to do this method, I would love a collaborator with the goal of a home website with linked profiles.

— Ken —

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  1. Hey Ken Thanks for sharing on the podcast today. very valuable information and a great FI hack to capture up to $2500 in free money every year. HUGE!

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